ME - 601 Mechatronics in Control & Product Realization

Summary:    Learn the nuts and bolts of integrating mechanical systems with electronic hardware.  This course is equivalent to a 400 level course and will cover a wide breadth of material quickly.

Topics include:

Fundamentals of electromechanical control systems

Using microcontrollers in products for control and how to create intelligent interfaces

Motor & Sensor Interfaces

Integrate web based controls for mechanical systems

C Programming

Course Prereqs:

Some high level programming, C/C++/Java/Matlab
Instructor Consent

Some familiarity with op-amps and digital circuits


Required/Reference Texts

Lecture Presentations:

Assigned Reading:


Lab Report Submission Format

Datasheets, Manuals, Tutorials, and Mini-Sumo Robot documentation are available 

on the Mechatronics Lab AVR Resources page.

Reference Material

Mini-Sumo Tournament

ME Building Lobby Tuesday 12/13/2011 - should only take around 30 to 45 minutes or so.

See the rules and U.W. Madison - Mini Sumo Robot Resources for detailed information

Brochure for Fall 2011 (Timetable)


Instructor - Erick Oberstar

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    Erick L. Oberstar


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