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The U.W. Madison - Mechatronics Lab provides Laboratory Instrumentation & development services to the Mechanical Engineering Department Faculty, Staff, & Students - See our Capabilities and Services

Schematics & Manuals for Boards Used in Labs  

Datasheets for Parts/Systems used in Labs

Parts Available for Senior Design

Software Library - AVR Lab Libraries, Software Guide/Manuals, ASCII Table 

CAE Repositories for Lab

Excel Calculators for Counter Timers & Baudrate  

Tutorials - Analog/Digital Electronics, Software (C, Matlab), PLCs, Power Supplies, etc.  

Tip & Tricks for Matlab

Other Atmel AVR Resources

Mini-Sumo - U.W. Madison - Mechatronics Labs Mini-Sumo Robot documentation

Brown & Sharpe CMM Information/Manuals/Procedures (Ceglarek/Zhou Research Machine)

MechLab OrCad Capture symbol libraries (with Digikey Libraries also)

Allen Bradley PLC Information (hopefully coming)


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