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Parent Web for this page: Contains AVR Related Schematics, Datasheets & Source Code Library

The Labs Code Library can be found Here

Outside Links: - Atmel Corporate web site containing data sheets, eratta, and application notes for all Atmel products including the AVR line of MCUs. - Atmel AVR Users site - Called AVRfreaks.  It contains different message forums for asking/answering AVR-MCU, C, and general questions.  Contains information/links to all AVR parts, different development tools, 3rd party compilers, user projects.  This site is monitored by Atmel AVR FAEs, and the compiler writers, so it is a good place to ask very technical questions.  This site is an EXCELLENT resource!

Different AVR users project pages: - The EE-Work Section contains some Control/DSP applications on a couple of AVRs - Purchase: AVR Superkits, CodeVisionAVR, Codevision AVR Librarys, AVR/C programming textbook, STK500 Peripherals - Cornell University, EE 476 Microcontroller Design Final Projects - An electric vehicle with a bunch of AVRs - RC helicopter autopilot - Another RC helicopter with autopilot - An ethernet development board - Simple robot application - A car MP3 player - AVR Projects page by Jesper of

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