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This page contains Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets for calculating Atmel AVR UART / TIMER / COUNTER configuration register values and actual performance values.  Additionally there is a sheet for computing the theoretical data rate for a U(S)ART given the U(S)ART configuration and data packet size.


It also contains a calculator for determining serial throughput for a given packet size or for a given baud rate.


NOTE: These calculators require hex conversion functions found in the Excel Analysis TookPak.

If you modify Cells and and view #NAME? in the answer cells you do not have the Analysis ToolPak available.  If this function is not available, run the Setup program (M.S. Office or Excel) to install the Analysis ToolPak. After you install the Analysis ToolPak, you must enable it by using the Add-Ins command on the Tools menu.


1.) Calculate Sampling Rate for either 8 or 16-bit timers & Calculate Baudrate & % Error for a given Crystal or Calculate a Crystal for a given baud rate with 0% error.

AVRSampling&BaudRateCalculator-R3.xls - Just Updated This is the more refined caclulator sheet

Added overflow mode preload value computations in addition to the compare value computations

2.) Calculate PWM frequencies/periods for various configurations and Sampling Rates for 8-bit counter timer.

SamplingRate&PWM-Calculator.xls - This is a very rudimentry calculator sheet.

3.) Compute the theoretical data rate of a U(S)ART given baud rate, U(S)ART configuration, and a data packet size in # of bytes. Useful if you want to stream sampled data out a U(S)ART in real time by giving you a theoretical bound on the maximum rate the configuration will support.



If you have questions check resources included on the Mechatronics Lab AVR Resources page or Other Atmel AVR Resources.


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