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U.W. Madison Mechatronics Lab Software Library - contains reference material and source code examples in C

C Programming - Steve Holmes: University of Strathclyde Computer Centre

Programming in C: A Tutorial - Brian W. Kernighan: Bell Labs

ANSI C Tutorial (Programming With cc-win32 (Local) - (Remote)) - University of Virginia

Getting Started with the CodeVisionAVR C Compiler - HP InfoTech S.R.L.

Summary of C/C++ Tutorial Pages - Knowledgehound

Control Tutorials for Matlab - Carnagie Mellon / University of Michigan

General Matlab Tutorial - Arizona State University (WaybackMachine Archive of it)

Matlab Command Quick Reference -  Arizona State University

Beej's Guide to Network Programming (HTML Local) (.PDF Local) - California State Univ. - Chico

Algorithms for Programmers (Jorg Arndt) (Local)

Software Development Tutorial Website Aggregator - (loaded w/ Ads but has some good links) (you can always use Adblock Plus for firefox to remove the ads)

Digital Electronics:

Digital Logic Tutorial & Design - Dr. Keith Holbert Arizona State University 

Digital System Tutorial - from the University of Sydney 

Digital Logic - Tutorial from  

Analog Electronics:

BJT Biasing tutorial - Dr. David Drury @ the University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Power MOSFET Basics - International Rectifier 

The Monolithic Operational Amplifier: A Tutorial Study AN-A - National Semiconductor 

An Application Guide for Op Amps  - National Semiconductor 

Op Amp Circuit Collection - National Semiconductor 

A Collection of Amp Applications - James Wong (Analog Devices)

Introduction to Power Supplies - National Semiconductor 

Avoiding Passive Component Pitfalls - Grant & Wurcer (Analog Devices)

Noise and Operational Amplifier Circuits - Smith & Sheingold (Analog Devices)

Op Amps For Everyone - Ron Mancini - Texas Instruments (TI)

Handbook of Operation Amplifier Applications - Texas Instruments  (TI)

Handbook of Operational Amplifier  Active RC Networks - Texas Instruments (TI)

Filter Design In Thirty Seconds - Texas Instruments (TI)

Linear and Switching Voltage Regulator Fundamentals (Part 1) - National Semiconductor

Swithching Regulators (Part 2) - National Semiconductor

Motors : 

Motor Control Tutorial - By Ken Berringer: Freescale 2000.

Motors Introduction (Wayback Machine Archive)  - basic tutorial from Georgia Tech's ME 3110 course 

DC Motor With Inertia Disk Model Development, Proportional Controller, and State Feedback Controller with Full State Estimator - White paper from

Field Orientated Control of 3-Phase AC-Motors - White paper for TI

Control of Stepping Motors, a tutorial - Douglas W. Jones U. of Iowa C.S. Dept. 

Motion Control Handbook - Faulhaber - Group (MicroMo) (Remote) (Local)

Coreless Motor Information - MicroMo coreless motor application and considerations 

How to Select a DC Motor -Remote  (Local)- MicroMo guidelines for choosing a DC motor for an application 

Motor Application Considerations  - MicroMo general guidelines for the application of a DC motor 

Motor Calculations Remote (Local) - MicroMo mathematical discussion of the derivation of some of the defining values for a DC motor 

DSP (Digital Signal Processing) : 

The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing - Steven W. Smith, Ph.D

DSP Tutorial - By DSP Tutor.

DSP Guru Reference Material - By DSPGuru

Introduction to DSP - By Bores (online course tutorials)

Introduction to Digital Signal Processors (Wayback Machine Archive)- Analog Devices

DSPGuide (DSP eBook) (Local) (Remote) Devices

Narrow Band Filter Implementation On A Low Cost Microcontroller: Issues and Performance -

Optimization of a Narrow Band Filter - Implementation On A Low Cost Microcontroller: Issues and Performance -

Communications 101 - Peter A. Stark

Gyros : 

Gyroscope Types (Local) - Description of types of Gyros

PLCs : 

Personal PLC Tutor site - Table of contents from  


Glossary of Embedded Systems Terms:

Michael Barr's Embedded Systems Glossary


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