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bulletOngoing improvement work on a 2-DOF Transporter / 5-DOF Arm Robotic System for the BIO-PLEX Biomass Production Chamber. Local Project Page, BIO-PLEX Home Page

  bullet"Design of a Reconfigurable End-Effector and a Climatic Sensors Adapter for the BIO-PLEX Biomass Production Chamber"  - Tilmann Negele M.S.M.E. Thesis Fall 2001 (Project Page)


bulletDesign of a Gripper/Cutting Tool End-Effector for the BIO-Plex MHS/RM:

"Tool and Interface Design of a Robotic Harvesting Adapter for the NASA JSC Biomass Production Chamber"  - Martin J. Kornfeld M.S. Thesis Spring 2003 (Project Page)

"Two DOF Gripper Kinematics of a Harvesting Adapter for the Robotic System used in the NASA JSC Biomass Production Chamber" -  Wolfgang Ptacek M.S. Thesis Spring 2003 (Project Page)


bullet"An Investigation of Humidity Control Enhancements for WCSAR's Temperature and Humidity Control Unit"  -  Brian Sullivan M.S.M.E. Independent Study Spring 2003 (Project Page)

  bulletAutonomous Support Platform (ASP) - a small robot, about the size of a basketball, which uses a set of ducted fans to flow air through its interior, and a set of irises (similar to the iris on a camera lens) to release the air to propel the robot through a pressurized, µgravity environment - Spring 2003 (Project Page)


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